The Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2015 Infographic

As we head into 2015 discover the newest, hottest trends in Kitchen Design. The overriding theme in 2015 is choice, there are infinite choices available to kitchen designers this year to create stylish, unique spaces that are all on trend. Cabinetry can be accentuated with colourful accents, embellishments and glass fronts while mismatched cabinets are emerging as a huge trend this year. There is no definitive colour scheme for 2015, nuanced neutrals and deep, serene colours are equally on trend this year. The hottest lighting trend of the year is copper fixtures, additionally pendant lighting and chandeliers are back on trend in 2015.

This infographic explores the hottest trends of 2015, from cabinetry to colour to lighting and shows you how to incorporate these trends into your home.

Kitchen Design Trends 2015 Infographic