Stylish and durable granite worktops and granite countertops in Ireland

Granite worktops are cool, smooth and durable making them perfect for everyday living and an ideal material for kitchen worktops. Found in many parts of the world, granite is available in a wide variety of colours so there’s something to match every colour scheme. Additionally granite worktops blend well with both rustic and contemporary rooms and kitchens.

Granite worktops are extremely hardwearing and durable, withstanding almost any abuse. When choosing natural stone, it must be appreciated that the granite is hundreds of millions of years old. Being formed by nature, generally no two pieces of stone can ever be exactly the same. With certain colours (e.g. black) the pattern of the stone is so small that to the naked eye the slabs will look identical. In more veined material this is very obvious, therefore at joints allowances must be made for possible shade variations.

How to care for your Granite Countertops

When it comes to granite worktops it is quite difficult to cause them damage, and they are not easily marked, stained or scratched, that said, granite worktops are not indestructible. Granite can become damaged if other stone products forcibly scratch against the surface, so in order to prevent any marks it is important that you look after your granite countertops for the duration of their lives. For information more detailed information on how to maintain and care for your Granite worktop please click here.

Wine, cigarettes, fizzy drinks, fruits and oils may damage certain types of granite countertop, care should always be taken when using these foods and drinks. To ensure that your granite countertop is as perfect as the day you bought it you should mop up any spillages immediately, to ensure that liquid doesn’t penetrate into the worktop.

Cleaning tips to keep your granite countertops and worktops perfect

For cleaning and maintaining a granite countertop, it is recommended to use a product called ‘rejuvenata’ from Hanfinn. This is a stone-friendly spray which is buffed into the surface to uphold the shine and gloss, it also enhances the seal that we apply to all natural stone worktops when we are finished manufacturing them. On a daily basis warm soapy water will be sufficient to clean the stone using a clean cloth and some kitchen roll for a quick buff of the granite countertop.

Another option available at Pennywell is Sensa by Cosentino® granite worktops . This branded granite worktop has been given a ground-breaking protective treatment that provides the countertop with tough stain resistance and comes with a 10-year warranty.