Marble Worktops in Ireland

Pennywell Solid Surfaces – Supplying luxurious marble worktops in Ireland

A marble kitchen worktop provides your home with the ultimate in premium finishes. At Pennywell Solid Surfaces we provide our clients with beautiful, flawless marble countertops that add an element of style and elegance to any home. All of our marble countertops are high quality and sold to the highest finish, ensuring that our clients are always satisfied with their beautiful marble kitchen countertops.

Experience the benefits of custom marble countertops from Pennywell

Experience the many advantages of a marble countertop:

  • As marble is a soft and workable material many marble countertops can be manufactured to suit a wide amount of styles, and many have distinctive edges.
  • Marble is a material that cuts very easily, and is softer and more malable that granite. If you want a custom piece then marble is uniquely suited for this purpose.
  • Despite the fact that marble is softer than granite, it still is incredible durable and can withstand even the most demanding domestic environment.
  • Marble is an incredibly heat resistant work surface, meaning that it is ideally suited for use in the kitchen.

Marble worktops and countertops from Pennywell Solid Surfaces

At Pennywell Solid Sufraces we pride ourselves on the premium solid stone surfaces that we offer out clients. If you purchase a marble worktop from us you can be assured that it will adhere to the high standards that we set ourselves, and the products that we supply. Getting a quote for a marble worktop couldn’t be easier, simply take the measurements of the area you would like your countertop to be installed. Fill in our enquiry form with your details, requirements and also mention that you are interested in marble. We endeavour to provide all of our clients with a comprehensive quote within 48 hours.

If you’re happy with the quote a highly experienced and trained fitter will go through your requirements, check that everything is in order and look over your template. Once the template is complete, our experienced fitter will begin the installation process. Your beautiful marble countertop will be installed within 7-10 days after the templating process has been finalised.