Environmentally friendly silestone products from Pennywell Solid Surfaces

SilestoneEco is an excellent choice for an environmentally conscious buyer. The range is made from a silestone material that is comprised of approximately 75% recycled materials. A beautiful silestone countertop is achieved by combining recycled glass, porcelain, earthenware and mirror to a breath-taking finish.

Reduced carbon footprint with Silestone Eco

The materials that comprise Silestone Eco are recycled, and the process in which this beautiful countertop material is created is also ecologically sound. In the production of Silestone Eco 94% of the water used in the manufacturing process is actually reused in the manufacturing cycle, meaning that the entire process seamlessly works alongside the environment and reduces the overall environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Silestone Eco – beautiful surfaces throughout the home

Silestone Eco is a beautiful material that can be used throughout the home, or in a commercial environment. Silestone eco is suitable for kitchen use, and makes a stunning environmentally friendly countertop surface. Similarly, vanity units can be manufactured with Silestone Eco, and it gives a polished feel to the entire unit. As Silestone Eco is a durable material it is uniquely suited to an application as a shower cladding. Many hotels opt for this environmentally option throughout their interiors.